Clothing Styles for Short-Stocky Women

Clothing Styles for Short-Stocky Women

Short and stocky women find it frustrating when it comes to clothing styles. Length is usually an issue or sometimes the print seems unfit to them. Pants are too long, sleeves go by your wrists, jackets always look oversized and shirts are way too long to untuck.

This is almost every other short and stocky women’s story when they have to buy clothes which usually are big enough for hips, chest, waist, and thighs.

Relax ladies. Some things aren’t really in your hands. You have to accept them this way or another. Doesn’t matter how much we work out or pray, some of us were born short, and that too wasn’t in our hands. First and foremost, we are beautiful as we are, nobody’s judgment does matter. We are just lacking in height and no less than any other women.

Being said, there are new fashion ways in which you can style yourself. That helps you to minimize your curves and heighten your stature.

Don’t worry, though we are here to guide you in clothing styles. Revealing simply attempting tips you can use to dress as a short and stocky woman.


When choosing a dress or skirt, hem length is particularly important as it plays a vital role in figuring stature for short and stocky women. Use the trial room for trying a dress before making final payments for them. Make sure the hem length is flattering and does not make your legs look shorter. Usually, the hem at the knee or slightly above it works best. The full-length skirt might give a full description of your legs, making them even shorter. When selecting a dress, choose an A-line over tight or drop-waist silhouettes, that only emphasize stockiness.


Avoid wearing large prints because they will overwhelm your body tone. When selecting a print, choose small prints and slim lines. The broader lines would stock your body. To get the best style for women’s clothing, shop in the petite section of department stores. These are particularly smaller all-around and are made for shorter women.

Polka dots don’t flatter anybody. If you are wearing polka dots, do not mind carrying delightful accessories that light up your presence from far away. Stripes are less offensive than polka dots. These come in multiple options.


Long stripes make a person look taller and slimmer, while horizontal stripes probably make women look shorter on the other side. Horizontal stripes pile up your body and longer stripes seem to stretch your look.

When it comes to patterns, it is usually observed that short stocky women are visualized too much in bigger prints. The best choice of colors and patterns should be smaller-scale patterns.

If you want to wear horizontal stripes, thin patterns will look better than thicker ones, which tend to stretch your body. Buy smaller-scale patterns like mini checks, micro prints, chalk stripes, etc.

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When putting on pants and shirts, the divided proportion should be wisely considered to not look miss-fit in them. The wide-width pants will give volume to the legs, which shakes the appearance of stocky legs. Create straight lines that extend from your hips down to your thighs that neither taper nor flare at the toes, to give the least attention to the length. Jackets that are too boxy or oversized jackets may be awful to cover your whole self into. That will add extra bulk to your body, to keep in check with the outfit style, where possible, dress in a monochromatic scheme, as a single color gives the illusion. Anything that is too sporty or too big can make your outfit unpleasant.


Many short and stocky women do not consider the importance of the type of accessories they carry. Shoes are the particularly first thing that comes to notice when it comes to styling and dressing up. To appear leaner and taller, choose shoes in the same color as your pants, similarly heels make shorter women look taller. Though some outfits make your appearance more balanced with flats. Avoid shoes with ankle straps because piled up mass on feet may appear older and can make you look stockier. Also, avoid large belts and baggy bags that can overwhelm your body.


Shorter skirts look best on shorter legs. May this sound difficult to get but this is what it is. Most women with stockier legs would know that fattier deposits are located at the top, inner thighs. The skirts having a slit 2 or 3 inches above the knee will hide these unflattering areas. But if you wear a mini skirt that is going to embolden your fatty legs, that may be awful for official or even casual meetings as well.

Skirts that are a few inches above the knee could be amazing or a few inches below the knee. The shorter one will make your appearance much heavier than you probably are and a full-length skirt will show your legs shorter.


The tapered waistlines help you hide the stocky waist. Find shirts and jackets with tapered waistlines, accentuating the waist’s narrowness. If you have an hourglass body shape, you have a significantly smaller waist than bust and hip lines. But too much exposing your figure might help you with flexing your figure and not with styling to cover up your body fat. So you need to look for shirts and jackets which cover it up for you. Many women opt for boxer styles to equate curvaceous figures, which does not seem so cool. The proper attire should be referring to style and have you fully dressed up elegantly.


Solid dark colors are often a got outfit scheme for short stocky women. These feel more flattering than bold dull patterns. Dark colors cover you up fully, efficiently hiding your stocky muscles, and giving you the confidence you need. Then the patterns and light colors very much emphasize bulking parts that make you fat and also difficult to choose an outfit for the next outing. Solids are easy to choose, carry and go to for any occasion.


If you’re a short and stocky person then you should implement these tips while choosing outfits. While picking out dresses, go for an A-line silhouette rather than a tight or drop waist, which will simply highlight your stockiness. So if you’re up for shopping sooner or later then check out Joe Browns Coupons from Saving Says to save money. You can shop for awesome clothing and fashion items at a good price.