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Most Popular Diamond Ring Trends

2024’s Most Popular Diamond Ring Trends

Diamonds are certainly a girl’s best friend, and it’s no surprise that exquisite diamonds are ageless, albeit that all jewellery is susceptible to fashion trends. While classic patterns will always be in style, being conventional isn’t for everyone. With spotlight celebrity influence, brides-to-be are seeking a new way to distinguish their exciting news. While Hollywood...

Importance of Choosing Septum Rings for Next Piercing

The Importance of Choosing Septum Rings for Next Piercing

Once the preference of rebellious teenagers and punk rockers, septum rings have become the newest “in” accessory for millennials looking to make a bold fashion statement. This is jewelry specifically meant for the sartorial risk-takers giving them a style that is edgy, dainty, and elegant at the same time. These rings are the new frontier...

Different Types Of Nose Rings

4 Different Types Of Nose Rings You Must Have

Nose rings enhance the beauty of a woman. It can make a woman look glam and stylish. Earlier, there were limited styles in nose rings, but not anymore. Today, you can get an end number of styles that you can customize according to your preference. Some best nose ring designs feature studs and gemstones, which...

Top jewelry Investments

Top Jewelry Investments To Opt This Season

Jewelry investments in India have been prevalent since ancient times. Purchasing gold here is considered a secure financial backup for a lifetime. However, Buying gold is not a one-day game it requires a well-thought action plan as one puts his years of savings to buy or invest in gold. Well, considering its price, gold jewelry...