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famous fashion designers

List of Famous Fashion Designers

The best life is the one that comprises joy, happiness, entertainment and colors. The world is getting colorful with new designs of clothes, jewels, and other fashion stuff. To fill one’s individual life with color, fashion designers play an important role in society. How Fashion Designers help us to do Fashion: Fashion is now, one...

Marc Jacobs - fashion designer

Marc Jacobs – High End Fashion Designer

Fashion is a popular attractive expression at a time, place and in a specific context. In this article we will talk about the most famous American fashion designer Mark Jacobs. He is the head designer for his own fashion label Mark Jacobs. In French design house Louis Vuitton, he was the inventive director. He was...

TOM FORD Fashion Designer

TOM FORD – High End Fashion Designer

American are very much known for his fashion ideas and their fashion have been liked all over the world. Today I am going to talk about one the American fashion designer and very productive filmmaker. His name is Tom ford-famous fashion designer. As we all know Gucci is one the famous brand in all over...

Ralph Lauren - The Incredible Fashion Designer

Ralph Lauren – The Incredible Fashion Designer

Ralph Lauren is a great Fashion Designer and world knows him as a successful billionaire businessman. He is well known for his rare collection of automobiles. He served two years as a united army and then work as a salesman in a tie company name as Beau Brummel. In his early 30 he started his...