The Importance of Choosing Septum Rings for Next Piercing

Importance of Choosing Septum Rings for Next Piercing

Once the preference of rebellious teenagers and punk rockers, septum rings have become the newest “in” accessory for millennials looking to make a bold fashion statement. This is jewelry specifically meant for the sartorial risk-takers giving them a style that is edgy, dainty, and elegant at the same time.

These rings are the new frontier for a large number of young individuals trying to look unique and stand out from the crowd. Style-wise, choosing a septum ring and its material is entirely upon you. You can go for the ones made of surgical steel or sterling silver.

There are delicate ring hoops for an elegant appearance, thick rings for an edgier look, and jeweled mandalas for the ones looking for something more extravagant. Be it whatever style you are going for, there are reasons why septum rings make the first choice for individuals ready for their piercings. We will have a look at these reasons below:

There are Top Quality Septum Rings Made of World Class Metals

Since any piercing becomes a sensitive area, specifically the septum, the septum rings are specially made of gold and titanium that are hypoallergenic and do not cause any infection.

The gold rings are effective in repelling bacteria and do not oxidize like silver, nickel, and other more affordable metals. The rings made of surgical stainless steel are less expensive since they are biocompatible. Remember that if any metal that a ring is made up of oxidizes in your skin, it can result in scarring and irritation. So, be careful when choosing a septum ring for your next piercing.

Septum Ring Styles Reflect Individual Personality

Septum rings are one of those exclusive pieces of jewelry that suit every style and taste. Any individual can freely show them off to the entire world. You mustn’t go for the bulky rings in this category, even if they suit your taste. There are other dainties, glamorous and elegant styles of rings that you can choose from. The ones made of gold with intricate designs and jewels are the best choice as they add great sophistication to your classic style.

A Septum Ring Goes with Varied Fashion Styles

The best thing is that you can get them in dainty, minimalist styles and even in styles that offer a one-of-a-kind appearance. Be it any ring variety you are going for, one thing for sure is that this ring style will give you enough opportunity of showing your style.

For example, if you want to showcase our romantic style, go for septum clickers that are available in lace-like and bejeweled designs. You can even find rings featuring quirky motifs, such as snakes, bees, and butterflies, that will help you show off your trendiest style.

Circular barbells are available for those who are fond of gothic fashion. Go for skulls, spikes, and crosses to complete your bold fashion statement.


Septum rings are the best choice if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd. Getting a piercing done on your body is a great decision, and adorning it with a septum ring will be a decision you will not repent in the years to come.