Slay the Organza Trend with These Styling Ideas

Organza Trend

Organza for summer? This is literally groundbreaking! This season, organza seems to take the fashion industry by storm. We usually expect summer trends like floral prints, white dresses, and nice cuts. But with organza becoming massively popular, fashion has thrown a curveball. And we cannot deny that this curveball is sheer, soft, and irresistibly classy. 

So far, this fabric has been exclusively reserved for weddings, parties, and prom nights. But now, it is being adorned as blouses and petite dresses by many Instagram fashionistas. The fashion brands have so much more for us from organza skirts to trench coats. The best part about this fabric? It is equally popular in the East as well as the West. Browse stitched lawn suits and you will see how they have crafted this elegant fabric in their semi-formal and formal attires. 

A Word about the Organza Fabric

The organza is a plain weave, lightweight fabric with a crisp hand. The material has an exceptional drape, making it an ideal material for skirts and dresses with volume. Although organza has a sheer look, it is a strong fabric. Organza is made from silk. It has different varieties in natural and synthetic categories. It has a wiry finish and subtle sheen, which makes it an ideal material for wedding and evening gowns. 

Organza was first created in the East and came to Europe in the 18th century. It has been in vogue ever since. Not only this fabric has been a significant part of sartorial pieces across the globe, but it has also been a popular material for décor, trimmings, accessories, and even jewelry. Therefore, some of the prime characteristics of organza are that it’s smooth, sheer, crisp, wiry, slippery, and with a sculptured drape. 

Now that the fabric has made a massive come back, let’s heal your curiosity and boost your confidence to style organza in several creative and stunning ways. 

Tips to Styling it the Right Way

The key to styling organza the right way is to choose the right pieces. Don’t jump straight to the trending street style of wearing a transparent shirt. Go for subtler pieces with busier patterns. There are several different cuts and styles, which you can rock. Since the fabric is known for its sculptured drape, fashion designers have experimented with a variety of cuts and styles. 

The world of haute couture comes with no restrictions. Therefore, in addition to the silhouettes we are going to suggest, let your own creativity play with this incredible woven material. 

Slay it in Full Dresses

Full dresses are not close-fitting and are flowier like a skirt. Pertaining to its flawless fall, organza is a perfect material for A-line dresses and ball gowns. Since the fabric is sheer, you can create a unique shape by layering up. You can even combine a layer of chiffon for a softer and flowery drape. 

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Try stitching techniques like pleats, ruche, and ruffles to accentuate your waistline. The best thing about this fabric is that you can create a suitable shape of your dress whether you are curvy or slim. 

Pay Attention to the Sleeves

Not everyone is comfortable with wearing a full organza top because the fabric is slightly stiff. This doesn’t mean you cannot add the fabric to your outfit in a smaller portion. Go for a blouse with ruffled and voluminous organza sleeves. You will stay on top of the trend game without having to reveal too much. This is a chic, yet comfortable choice. 

Focusing on the sleeves will give you a myriad of ideas. You can go for long plain organza sleeves for a sleeker look. You can also choose a printed organza fabric with polka dots and create puffy sleeves for a more hip look. Stand out with various cuts and shapes for sleeves. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of the nature of the fabric and create fine drapes and silhouettes. Creating statement sleeves is an option that you can utilize for blouses, tops, and dresses. 

Wear the Right Undergarments

To slay the organza trend, especially when it comes to blouses, the key is to choose the right undergarments. Most women go for a nude camisole to pair with a transparent organza top. You have plenty of other sophisticated choices. If you are not into looking too risqué, consider having a matching layering to your organza fabric. 

For instance, go for a blue undershirt/camisole with a blue organza shirt. This combo gives an elegant finish without having to reveal too much. Choose different undergarments to figure out what looks fresh and good. Consider trying tank tops, bralettes, and even bodysuits and see what works best for you. you never know you will end up creating a new fashion statement for yourself. 

Adorning It as a Cover-Up

Need a desperate shift from the usual and boring denim cut-offs? Go for a cover-up! Wearing an organza cover-up is a classy choice for a polished and a festive look. It is particularly a perfect choice for a poolside or beach party. 

Another distinct style you can flaunt is a transparent jacket. It is a fun and trendy outwear choice that allows you to rock the organza trend to the max. It will also give a quick and fresh upgrade to your normal top and jeans. Come up with creative accessorizing to sport your organza jacket. This is the most lightweight style that you can flaunt with this fabric. 

Rocking Organza Pieces to Work

People mostly consider wearing organza clothes to work a pet peeve. The reason is perhaps the flirty appeal of the fabric. However, there are no hard and fast rules. And with a little bit of tweaking, you can make an organza piece a fairly presentable choice for your workplace. You can try the same color-layering hack that we discussed already for your office attires. 

These choices also depend on the weather and the environment of your office. Style you organza pieces appropriately and add modest details to make them professionally acceptable outfits. For instance, you can add organza panels in your silk skirt for a more professional and classy feel. The trick is to avoid cuts and styles, which reveal too much skin. 

Experiment with Layering

One way to master the organza trend is to master the art of layering the fabric with unique pieces in different materials. To achieve the said fashion-forward twist, one option is to layer an organza blouse with a fitted dress. It is not one of those everyday looks but for parties and hangouts, this is a fun and fresh outfit combo. 

Other ideas to combine separates to come up with unique looks are a loose organza jacket over a classy sundress. Consider contrasting the color of the organza piece for an ultimate look. The rest is up to your creativity. Don’t be reluctant to go for bolder and brighter hues in organza. Especially in summer, you have a myriad of color choices to try. Borrow ideas and take style inspo from fashion influencers on social media. This is perhaps your easiest and most accessible source of upgrading your fashion sense. 

Rock Classy Sheath Dresses

For those who have an hourglass or slim body shapes, a sheath dress is a perfect choice. Since it is a narrow dress and organza is not very stretchable, it is hardly used in this type of dress. But if you are not about very cinching silhouettes, an organza sheath dress will do. It will have a looser shape and will create an airy and softer sensation. 

Go for pink organza if you are planning to wear a party dress. For an exquisite evening gown, red silk organza is a great pick. Even a white-hued organza dress will look effortlessly classy. 

Flaunt Trumpet, & Mermaid Dresses

A trumpet dress is a great choice for parties and dinners. This kind of outfit flares down just like a trumpet and cinches at the hips and above the waist. The organza fabric is a great choice when it comes to the bottom part to create volume and accentuate the shape of the dress. 

You can also add a twist with ruches and ruffles in the same or even different colors. Creating uneven or dip-hem tiers will give a more airy and lighter look to the dress. You can also create an attractive multilayer bottom with organza fabric on a mermaid style dress. Create an organza overload with tons of flounces and ruffles. You will end up elevating the entire look with added volume and a prominent contrast of silhouette. 

Mini, Tea-Length, & Midi Organza Dresses

Organza looks particularly classy when adorned as the apparel of midi length. The fabric will create flirtatious tea outfits whether you choose to use it as an under-layer or for the entire skirt. To create a perfect summer-inspired look, go for printed organza in floral patterns. Among young girls, above the knee and slightly below the knee are popular length options for dresses. Organza is a great pick for mini, midi, and tea-length dresses outfits. You can also go for an H-line dress with no accentuation on the waist. 

Try these amazing sartorial ideas to rock the organza trend this season!