What to Wear to A Christmas Party: Men’s Outfit Guide 2024


It is now officially the most wonderful time of the year, but for those manly men out there it can feel like the most overwhelming time of the year. Not only do you have to find your sister and mum a new scented candle in the busy high streets, but you need to have your Christmas style in order. 

Christmas is one of the best times to get out there and celebrate the rest of the year, but it is no fun when you have just about exhausted the reliable outfit choice that you have worn for 3 years running. It is time to freshen up your winter wardrobe and prepare to have the most stylish season yet. Depending on the event type you are attending this year, we have compiled a list of the ideal outfit choices you should go for. These are simply just for inspiration, but they are certain to get you a kiss beneath the mistletoe!

Festive Party 

There is nothing like a festive-themed party to get you ready to drive into the Christmas spirit. But what do you wear to a Christmas party without trying to look like Santa himself? Well, there is of course the safe option of a smart white, crisp polo shirt with some relaxed fitted jeans. But if you want to keep things Christmassy, you have to go for a knitted jumper. If you are into the Christmas jumper trend, there is no better place to go all out with a detailed Christmas jumper. Maybe the jumper you have had for the last few years is getting a little snug, go for a relaxed-fit sweater with some smart patterns. If you want to find the balance between playing it cool and Christmas magic, go for navy and darker colour tones.

Laid Back Party

Perhaps this year you want to lay low and have a relaxed drink at the pub on Christmas eve with nothing more. You still have all the opportunities in the world to make yourself look and feel great. If you weren’t aware, one of the best men’s fashion trends of autumn is leather, and bagging yourself an oversized leather jacket will serve you well all year long. Of course, you need to feel comfortable for the pub quiz, and you can do so by wrapping up in a smart crew neck sweater. If you want to feel cosy, you may instead opt for an oversized men’s hoodie to show you are too cool for the Christmas hoodie hype.

Black Tie Party 

Black tie events are when things start to get a bit more complicated. Perhaps you already have a three-piece suit at the ready, or maybe it has split open as a result of breaking it down on the dance floor last year too much. The great thing about black tie events is that they are exactly how they sound. Simply find yourself a comfortable three-piece suit, tailored if possible, with a swanky black tie. Tap into your James Bond alter ego with perhaps a tuxedo with a bow tie to shake things up, not stir.

Hittin’ the Town Party

If your ideal Christmas party is hitting the towns and clubs the night before Christmas, then you have a couple of things to consider. Number one, how are you going to recover from your hangover in time to act sober at the Christmas day gathering, and number two how can you look your very best? There is no one to impress but yourself, but your outfit should reflect the special time of the year also. Experiment with patterns and new textures this season. Satin shirts are a suave option, or if you wish to keep things warm consider layering t-shirts and shirts. You may subtly show your love of the season by incorporating red and green into your outfit but keep it casual with some black jeans.

Smell Great 

In terms of the final touches, they should always be remembered when you are finishing off your looks. Smelling great is one of the essential grooming tips a man can have, so ensure that for each Christmas event you attend you smell fantastic. Christmas is a rich season therefore your aftershave should smell the same. Oud scents are the best to achieve this, with hints of woofy undertones as well.

Keep Your Hair Fresh 

Christmas is high maintenance, therefore your style and efforts to look good should not waver from this theme. Your hair should be just as important as your outfit, and you should always make sure it looks maintained. Gel and general fixing sprays to keep things in place whilst you dance your way to Christmas day will help. If you do not have much hair to work with, consider wearing stylish hats to finish your handsome looks and create more chatter for your style.