Every Guy Should Follow These 5 Essential Grooming Tips

Grooming Tips

Regardless of what you may have heard, it’s not easy being a guy in the modern world. You have to work hard, hustle, and look good while doing it. When men look at celebrities or social media influencers with on-point beards, clear skin, and fresh trims, they often feel like they’re looking at another species. Are these men superior to the rest of us? Not at all. The problem is that most of us guys don’t really do much about personal grooming other than the bare minimum. However, a daily shower with a generic body wash isn’t going to be enough if you want to put your best foot forward. Lucky for you, this blog is here to help.

Essential Grooming Tips for the Modern Man

Many men often grow up thinking that taking too much care of their image may make them seem less masculine. This outdated misogyny is exactly why so many men think they can get away with just the bare minimum of personal grooming and hygiene. I wouldn’t be caught dead looking like some of you guys do on most days, even if I was just asking for support on the Cox Customer Care phone number. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, or anywhere in between on the gender spectrum. Personal hygiene and grooming are absolutely essential. For men who have trouble understanding how to create a grooming  routine for themselves, the tips below are a good place to start:

  1. Clip Your Nails Every Week
  2. Trim Your Body Hair Regularly
  3. Switch To Cold Showers Everyday
  4. Powder Your Man Parts
  5. Use Less Shampoo On Your Hair

Let’s take a closer look at these below.

1. Clip Your Nails Every Week   

There are few things as disgusting as an adult male with overgrown fingernails or toenails. Not only is it unsightly, but it is also unsanitary. That’s why you need to make a point of clipping or filing your nails once every week. Just be sure to do it before you shower, because you need the nails to be hard when you get to work on them. A hot shower will usually soften them and make it difficult to clip them evenly.

2. Trim Your Body Hair Regularly  

Body hair has nothing to do with masculinity unless you’re a male silverback gorilla. Let’s face it, most cultures don’t like hairy men. Women prefer a man that looks neat and fresh, especially without a shirt. That means all that growth on your chest, belly, crotch, and armpits needs to grow. You don’t necessarily have to give yourself a bikini wax. A body trimmer can help you trim down body hair to manageable proportions every week. This will also help you get a handle on any body odor issues from sweat and bacteria that get trapped in your body hair.

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3. Switch to Cold Showers Everyday

You may have to grit your teeth for this one. Cold showers can be a physical shock, especially on cold winter mornings. But it is also a great way to help you keep your skin clear of pimple breakouts and blemishes. For people who are prone to dry or irritable skin, a cold shower, while not exactly a treat, is just the thing they need to keep their skin soft and moisturized.  

4. Powder Your Man Parts

Guys, let’s admit it. Our man parts may be our pride and joy, but we rarely give them the care they deserve. There is an endless list of women who are fed up with their partner’s stinky privates. You could look as fresh as Tom Hardy at the Met Gala, but if your scrotum smells, it’s going to be embarrassing. Even if other people can’t smell it, knowing that your scrotum has an odor will undermine your confidence and have you feeling uncomfortable. The solution? Just powder your man parts every day as a part of your routine. However, be sure to use non-talcum powder which is a cancer-free alternative to talcum products. Never, ever, use menthol powder on your scrotum. You will regret it.

5. Use Less Shampoo on Your Hair

Male hair often collects a lot of dust, sweat, and dirt, especially if you are one of those outdoorsy physical types. This makes it necessary for most men to shampoo frequently. However, most shampoos can dry your scalp, and make your hair seem frizzy and coarse. When you find that it is getting harder and harder to manage your hair, your shampooing habits may be the problem. Try reducing your shampoo usage from every day to every alternate day. This will be easier on your hair, helping you style and manage it better.  

Men often place personal grooming on the backseat. This leads to them slowly sliding into scruffiness and untidiness. So it’s no wonder they feel less confident when they see sharply dressed dapper men on things like Cox TV Starter or social media. However, with a little self-care and personal grooming, you will find your image and confidence improve immensely. Don’t be the guy that gets the reputation of being smelly, dirty, or otherwise disgusting.  

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