Make a Fashion Statement by Slaying These 3 Popular Wristwatch Styles

Popular Wristwatch Styles

When it comes to making a fashion statement, wristwatches have remained to be essential and timeless accessories for both men and women. While women have other jewelry items too, men’s ‘dressed up’ look isn’t complete without a classy timepiece.

For both genders, timepieces quintessentially add to the persona and grace. They reflect your individuality and how refined your choice is. Cut the long story short, the value of a stunning wristwatch is just incomparable!

Being a stylist I have leveraged my subscription to ultimate Internet package to its full potential by looking up some of the most timeless wristwatch styles. The suggested high-end styles will cover occasions like weddings, corporate seminars, formal meetings, casual hangouts, and dinner dates.

Broad Categories of Watches

You can spruce up your personality with a high-end, stylish watch and it will speak volumes about you. Online shopping has made it convenient to virtually window-shop all sorts of analog as well as digital watches. But we would suggest trying on a watch especially if it’s expensive.

Wristwatches are divided into three different categories based on style:

  • Fashion Watches
  • Replica Watches
  • Designer Watches

These categories are rather vague but that’s how they are in the market. Since we are discussing making a statement here, designer watches will do the job for you. So, invest in one or two.

3 Best Wristwatch Styles for Men

Without any further ado, let’s talk about the three essential wristwatch styles every man needs to have in his collection. You can find these wristwatch variations at almost any popular wristwatch brand.

  1. The Aviator Watch
  2. The Racing Watch
  3. The Dress Watch

1. The Aviator Watch

Just like the aviator glasses, the aviator watches are designed explicitly and specifically for pilots in the aviation industry. Just as the name suggests!

You would agree that both aviator glasses and watches and effortlessly classy. This is why several reputed and high-end brands have specialized in aviator watches.

The popularity of aviator watches is sky-high. Aviator watches are feature-rich and are easy to read particularly in low-light conditions. If you want to be a head-turner in casual dressing, invest in one of these sporty and classy accessories to go with your casual dressing.

2. The Racing Watch

Movie stars, celebs, and sports icons have contributed massively to the popularity of racing watches. They are perhaps the most popular and handy type of timepieces available in the market.

You get to choose from a plethora of patterns, designs, and colors to choose from. If you are going for a flashy one, then make sure that you tone down your dressing a few notches. Let the piece be highlighted and stand out.

The racing watches are also packed with rich features including the tachymeter and the chronograph.

3. The Dress Watch

To add style, class, and gravity to your persona, dress watches remain to be the ultimate choice. A perfect choice for business and corporate attires, dress watches make a classy and high-end presentation.

The styles of the dress watches are usually similar. When it comes to timekeeping, they are incredibly accurate. They generally don’t have a second hand. Compared to the other wristwatch styles for men, the dress watches come with lesser embellishment on the bezel and dial.

3 Best Wristwatch Styles for Women

Yes, men’s wristwatches dominate, but it doesn’t imply that the brands are leaving women anywhere behind. A classy wristwatch can add to the class, finesse, and persona of the women. And no, just to clarify a common misconception, wristwatches are not a part of jewelry!

Therefore, watches for women shouldn’t be overly flashy and overloaded with bling because they are not a replacement of jewelry. Here are three different styles for women to flaunt a perfect look.

  1. Minimalist Watches
  2. Formal Watches
  3. Casual & Chic Watches

1. Minimalist Watches

Minimalist watches can go with your formal and casual attires. For instance, if you go for a monochromatic look, you will be wearing the same tone essentially but the shades and textures will vary. A minimalist watch will add to the class of your monochromatic look.

For women who like to sport an elegant, fine, and classy look, minimalist watches are the best choice. You can wear a white face wristwatch with a white dress for sheer grace and elegance. If you are wearing darker colors, wear a watch with a dark face and strap.

Remember, minimalism calls for fine and clear patterns and lines. So, dress up accordingly. Don’t let the cleanliness of the style be tarnished. Invest in a luxury minimalist piece and flaunt the beauty of simplicity.

2. Formal Watches

Traditional timepieces would qualify for the formal watches. They are extremely versatile and you can flaunt them with any look to any occasion.

The major plus of formal watches is that they are understated. The best watch is that which doesn’t distract from your outfit. And at the same time, it should go with it. For instance, with a flowy evening dress, a simple yet elegant watch would do.

The size of the dial also matters. Bigger dials make a bold statement while smaller dials are more feminine.

3. Casual & Chic Watches

For everyday use, office, shopping, and hitting the gym, stainless steel straps are the most versatile and practical options. Pair a casual metallic watch with your other accessories to pull off a balanced and attractive look. For instance, if you are wearing gold bracelets in one arm or you have a gold clasp on your handbag, go for a casual watch with a gold strap. For a more relaxed style, go for multi-hued straps.

Moreover, don’t forget to invest in at least one luxury statement piece. The other day I visited for something and saw a Happy Diamonds watch by Chopard. It was simply dazzling!

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