8 Tips for Styling a Dress in the Fall


Fall is a transitional time when we see fashionistas blending chic style and cozy comfort. The art of dressing up for fall means you don’t have to put away your summer dresses and cute wedges. This is your chance to get creative with your wardrobe to stay warm, stylish and perfectly in tune with the vibrant beauty of the cool weather months. Let’s take a look at eight tips on how to style a dress in the fall.

  1. Layer with Cardigans — Infuse warmth and style into your fall wardrobe by layering with cardigans. To wear it with a dress, find a cardigan that complements the dress’s color or texture. You can leave it unbuttoned or cinch it with a belt at your waist for more definition. Try a longer cardigan for a more relaxed look or a cropped cardigan to accentuate your waist. This versatile layering piece adds a touch of autumn chic to any dress. Complete the cardigan and dress look with espadrille sandals.
  2. Pick Fall-Friendly Fabrics — To wear a dress during the fall, stick to fall-friendly fabrics like knits, tweed, wool and corduroy. These breathable fabrics are also known for insulation and warmth. Try dresses that are lined with extra coziness since fall is all about chic comfort.
  3. Add on Tights or Leggings — You don’t need to put away that summer or spring dress just yet. To instantly transform that warm weather dress into a fall stunner, layer up with tights or leggings underneath your dress. Opaque tights or cozy leggings add warmth. You can choose ones in a color that complements your dress or simply choose classic black for versatility. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns or textures to add some flair. Tights and leggings add a touch of sophistication to make your dress suitable for cooler temperatures.
  4. Boot It Up — Shoes can make or break any outfit, and the types of boots you wear can completely transform your fall dress. Knee-high boots bring a certain elegance and warmth when wearing maxi or midi dresses. For knee-length or mini dresses, ankle boots add a modern edge. For a sleek, versatile look, try Chelsea boots or an edgier pair of combat boots. Overall, pick boots and a dress that best match your personality to make your own fashion statement as you blend together seasonality and style this fall.
  5. Accessorize with Scarves — Instantly elevate your fall dress by accessorizing with a scarf. Try scarves in rich, seasonal patterns or warm, complementary colors. Drape the scarf loosely around your neck or wrap it snugly around you for some extra warmth. Trying out different tying techniques can add flair as you infuse a little pop of style into your dress. Scarves don’t come in just one style or look. Fashion experts encourage you to try different scarf styles like loop scarves, blanket scarves and shawls. Play around with various sizes and textures until you find what scarf best matches your fall dress.
  6. Use a Belt — Belts can add a delicate detail to your fall dress while creating a defined waist. A thin belt works well with fit-and-flare and wrap dresses. It’s a subtle yet elegant touch. You could also go for a thick belt to make a bolder statement for a more dramatic effect. Thick belts go well with sheath and shift dresses to create an hourglass silhouette. Belts can be used as a striking focal point on your dress just as easily as they can be a subtle enhancement.
  7. Wear a Statement Coat — For a dressier ensemble, pair your dress and statement coat with cute heels. A fall statement coat can turn your dress into a chic masterpiece. A coat in a unique pattern or bold color takes center stage with a simple dress as you allow the coat to shine. Vibrant reds and houndstooth designs work wonderfully for the fall to act as visually captivating and practical outerwear choices.
  8. Experiment with Fall Colors and Patterns — Get into the fun of the season by wearing dresses in traditional fall colors and fun patterns. Fall colors can include reds, oranges and yellows, like the changing leaves. Jewel tones like emerald and sapphire are perfect for evening dresses. As for fall patterns, try fall florals like roses and sunflowers or traditional plaid and falling leaves.

The leaves are changing, and the air is filled with the crisp smell of autumn. It’s the perfect time to style your dresses with that quintessential seasonal charm. Fashion meets function when you utilize layering with cardigans and pairing dresses with tights and comfortable booties for women. Infuse your wardrobe with cozy layers and rich colors, and remember that style is a reflection of your unique personality. Let your individuality shine as you take any of these tips as part of your own fall fashion story.

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