4 Different Types Of Nose Rings You Must Have

Different Types Of Nose Rings

Nose rings enhance the beauty of a woman. It can make a woman look glam and stylish. Earlier, there were limited styles in nose rings, but not anymore. Today, you can get an end number of styles that you can customize according to your preference.

Some best nose ring designs feature studs and gemstones, which look classy. The best part about a stylish nose ring is, it can make you look gorgeous in no time.

Nose rings are available in different metals, but the most preferred metal remains gold. Hoop-style rings are great for casual wear, and diamond nose rings look good for different occasions.

4 Different Types Of Nose Rings You Must have:-

1. Diamond prong nose ring

Do you know that diamond is the most preferred choice for nose rings? And there is a reason behind it. It shines like the sparkle on the nose, which adds to the beauty.

This diamond nose ring is set in 18K white gold and features an 18g gauge. It features a comfortable fit design, which does not interfere with your nose. The ring-type is available in rose gold and white metal as well. The design can be customized along with metal to suit your requirement.

2. Seamless gold hoop

Gold hoop design has been a popular one for a long time. It is a perfect choice for your casual wear. The seamless gold hoop style is set in 14K yellow gold. Most women wear different gold hoops to create a stunning look.

The best part about this hoop is, it is comfortable to wear. You will not have any allergic reaction to the nose ring. The nose hoop style can be customized in different metals that are available. Figure out the metal you love.

3. Double gemstone nose ring

If you like to try different nose ring styles, then you will surely love this one. Gemstone nose rings look pretty as this one is set in 14K yellow gold. Genuine gemstones are used in this nose ring, which gives it a unique spark.

As it is nickel-free, you won’t find any problem with prolonged use of the ring. The style features purple gemstone, which is an offbeat color. Again, you can get the ring customized as per your choice. Get your favorite color in the ring.

4. Gold nose bone

Have you tried a gold nose bone as a nose ring? Gold bones are common in earrings styles, but women don’t experiment with nose ring styles. This ring style is perfect for women who like tiny rings that are discreet in style.

You will wear one and people won’t even notice. As it’s set in 14k yellow gold, it is perfect for your daily wear. You can also choose a silver color for this style of ring.

To conclude

Nose rings look eternal and fascinating. You can charm anyone with different nose ring styles that are available. The best part is; they are affordable and will add a new dimension to your jewelry collection. Get yourself one today!

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